Waves of Help

The philosophy of Puro Surf has always been based on working hand in hand with the community to grow and develop together. Looking for ways to put this philosophy into action, we have created the program called Waves of Help with which we seek to support and help the development of the coastal communities of La Libertad through different approaches such as the care of their ecosystems, education, healthy recreation of the population and by supporting the sustainable development of the community.


In 2016 Puro Surf and Glasswing International launched their partnership. We address different issues that affect many of the children that live in El Zonte, El Salvador. Our mission is to spread awareness and raise funds to provide these children with quality education and health programs as well as opportunities.

Your support is critical to our community. We encourage you to contribute at the impact level of your choice and to please share this page with your family and friends.

Thanks again for your help!

COVID-19 Emergency Relief

Due to the quarantine caused by COVID-19, many people were unable to go out to work for 3 months, making it impossible to buy food for their families. In response to this need, Puro Surf through its Waves of Help program teamed up with international organizations Keep a Child Alive and Glasswing with the goal of raising funds to feed 5,000 families in the coastal area of La Libertad for 2 months. We can proudly say that the results were positive as 5,450 families were helped and a total of 450,000 pounds of food were delivered.

We especially want to thank donors and volunteers, it was thanks to you that we did it!

Ongoing programs

With special emphasis on contributing to improve the quality of life of the surrounding communities in our areas of influence, Waves of Help finances the strengthening of public education and health systems.

Community School

The educational component is implemented at the local public school through extracurricular programs divided into clubs: Constructive Leadership, Arts and Culture, Sports and Recreation, Science and Technology. Academic reinforcement, counseling and social support programs are also carried out. We believe that education is the basis for improving people's quality of life and guaranteeing sustainable development.

Strengthening public health

The alliance with Glasswing has allowed us to improve the health of the community in 3 key aspects:


Increased access to general medicine specialized services and nursing at the first level of public health, improving the quality of medical care of families living in the communities of the Puro SURF areas of influence.


Promotion of preventive healthcare through 14 informative chats on topics such as: cervical cancer, teenage pregnancy, family planning, vaccination timeline, and more, in which 155 people participated.


Reduction of the risk of malnutrition and anemia through the Power of 5 and Little Bits program, which includes the provision of the Nutrilite Little Bits multivitamin supplement for children under the age of five.

Our day camps started running before we broke ground on the Puro Surf Hotel in El Zonte and are the heart of our operation. Designed for communities along the coast where resources are scarce and opportunities are limited. Children and young adults take part in fun and empowering surf lessons, team building activities focused on sharing life skills and educational discussions, including environmental issues.

We have been organizing and conducting beach cleanups on a regular basis for over 3 years. The cleanups have two goals:


a clean beach

Materials collected at these cleanups range from a distressing number of cigarette butts and small pieces of plastic to plastic bottles and bags to fishing nets.


changing human behavior

Creating a "beach ethic" so that beach cleanups eventually become unnecessary.

We attempt to separate recyclable material from trash and we also encourage participants to bring their own bags, buckets and gloves to make the events as "green" as possible.