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We have designed a methodology that allows you to advance from the beginner to expert surf level in a holistic approach: Psychological Preparation, Tactical Preparation, Technical Preparation, Physical Preparation.
Puro Surf methodology pyramid


Technique may be considered as the specific manner of performing a physical exercise. The more perfect the technique the less energy required to achieve a given result. Good technique = high efficiency


This program is a Simple Map of surfing as a sport that has a structure and sequence that takes you from 0 to Elite.

Similar to the system of martial arts, going from white belt to black belt, we created each level with all the content, theory and techniques that you have to learn and accomplish in order to go to the next level. The reason why this is so effective is because you will know on what level you are and what to do to keep improving.

Marcelo Castellanos is the founder of Puro Surf and responsible for putting together holistic methodology, a development program and different systems like the 3 circles of power to develop surfers in an inclusive way. This means that it doesn’t matter what level you are, this is for you.

“I have the privilege of being a certified coach for many years and part of the few ISA course presenters in the world (International Surfing Association is the most prestigious and important entity of surfing development in the world)”

“I have also invested my life in learning from the best coaches around the world by going to seminars, courses, certification, books and of course putting it into practice with people of all levels. All this has inspired me to put together all the best information and my experience to create what I call the most effective program in the world.”

Marcelo’s surf training manuals incorporate the ISA’s teaching and training guidelines as part of the main references that have been consolidated into the training program that Marcelo has developed. It is the mix of this multiple references, added to his experience and knowledge that allows for a very simplified but succesful learning/training guideline.

“I have been coach of El Salvador surf team for many world games events, coach of pro surfers like Bryan Perez, amateurs surfers like Dominc purcell, beginners like Sorelle Amore and grom rippers like Lani Fernandes.

I’m proud to work along with the Puro Surf’s Team (Family). All of them are responsable for making this a reality with lots of passion, knowledge and good vibes.

The most simple and effective system in the world!

Teaching and training system diagram


If you want to learn how to surf, improve your flexibility and concentration, analyze your movements in the water, improve your technique, or simply have photos and videos of your surfing session. We´ve got your back!


We have designed a training program based on four key pillars: body, mind, technique and tactics. Each of these pillars are developed through a set of classes that are held weekly in the facilities of our academy. Check them out and join us!

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